Kikuyu Translation

Kikuyu language is the most widely spoken Kenyan language. It enjoys a population of about 22% of Kenyans who speak Kikuyu language. Having your message properly translated into Kikuyu is a sure way of resonating perfectly with the the Kikuyu people.
Lusaka Language School provides professional Kikuyu translation in Zambia. With several years’ experience and an excellent team of translators providing Kikuyu to English translation; we are now among the best translation agencies for English to Kikuyu translation.
We have native Kikuyu language translators and interpreters from Central Kenya who are highly experienced and well trained in various fields. They can translate or localize any document to Kikuyu language for personal or official use in Kenya and abroad. 
Any time you need Kikuyu to English translation, or if you are looking for a Kikuyu translator, you can count on our services for all your Kikuyu translation and Kikuyu localization services in Zambia. 

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