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Learning English is one of the most profitable investments you can make in your life. Moreover, it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Everyone in the United Kingdom and, altogether, by an estimated 500 million to 1.8 billion people worldwide speak English. Consequently, English is the most important  international language of business and politics.

Similarly, English language is the official language of Zambia, and is therefore the language of instruction in Zambian schools. Moreover, it is an official language of the United Nations. As a result, several international organizations use English to conduct business. 

As a result, this makes English one of the most important languages to learn in your life. It is an international language that will not only link you to the rest of the world but also open doors for your career, business, education etc. The possibilities are unlimited.

Did you know that you can now learn English at Lusaka Language School of Zambia ? We offer short and customized English courses in Zambia for foreigners and students desiring to work or pursue higher education in an English-speaking country.

Our English Courses in Zambia 2024

Have you ever wondered which is the best English language school in Zambia? Or even where to learn English in Zambia?

The Lusaka Language School of Zambia is one of the leading language schools in Zambia. We offer different English classes in Lusaka for all ages. Our courses in English as a Second Language are designed for individuals and professionals. The courses will improve your English language skills and make you more competetive at the job market place.

Moreover, students from non-English speaking countries will benefit immensely from our intensive language program. Such countries include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Gabon, Angola, etc.

Therefore, this course is for anyone who would like to migrate to or study in any English-speaking country where English is the language or instruction or is a mandatory requirement in these countries.

As a result, we also offer tailored English courses for specific purposes. For example individuals or students who are struggling with a specific aspect of the language. this can be accent neutralization, pronunciation, writing, conversation, or just want to improve their fluency.

We also help our students prepare for the IELTS Exams offered at the British Council. With up-to-date technics and tips, you are guaranteed to pass the IELTS in Zambia.

Learn English

Our Courses

This course is intended for academic purposes for non-English-speaking international students who want to pursue a course in English in an academic instituion. It will prepare for university study in the UK and other English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, Australia etc. Moreover, any other global university where English is the main language of instruction require Academic English certification such as IELTS Academic certificate for admission and visa issuance.

The Lusaka Language School of Zambia now offers Academic English Language Programs. These are carefully designed for long-term English language training. This is an excellent opportunity for international students from non-English speaking countries. You can learn English language from Beginners English (Level A1) to Advanced English (Level C1) from 3 – 6 months depending on your initial entry level.

This ensures that you properly master English language perfectly before you can start your program in university.

In addition, this program is an excellent value for money and a flexible approach to language studies. You can choose from any of our different study options proposed. They include the Standard Option (60 hours per month) or the Immersion Option (100 hours per month).

Lastly, there are no prerequisite requirements to join the program. A placement test is issued before the start of the training. Lastly, there is no placement test required if you are a complete Beginner student (Level A1).

The Business English course is tailored for professionals working in an English-speaking environment. Demonstrating sufficient Business English skills is essential to getting ahead at the work place.

Its important to improve your business English vocabulary and general knowledge. This will enable you to effectively handle your work in an English-speaking environment with confidence. Additionally, this will consequently expand career possibilities for you.

As a result, we offer Business English course for professionals. they could be working in companies or organizations but feel inadequate in the knowledge and expression in English.

We equip individuals and groups the practical skills required at the workplace. They include interview skills, writing clear emails and conversation. This generally increases their awareness of business topics and issues.

Additionally, we have a host of activities and tasks designed to help you understand the topic. It will also help you to use the English language such as videos, listening materials, reading articles and much more.

There’s nothing better that being able to express yourself confidently to your clients and colleagues.

Have you ever wished you could speak English like a native speaker? Or, have you wondered why some adults struggle to pronounce English words correctly? Or some still struggle with a strong mother-tongue accent?

Your guess is as good as mine. It goes back to the foundation during the formative years.

Therefore, giving your child the best foundation possible in education is an excellent investment into the child’s future.

Obviously, your child will compete favourably or better than the other children. It will also enhance the kids confidence and thus his or her future career prospects.

What a better way to jumpstart the future of your child! Would you like your kid to speak English flawlessly?

We now have customized English classes in Zambia for children of all ages. In addition, our teachers are well trained and very experienced in their fields.

Conversational English Course is customized for you to quickly practice and improve your mastery of English language. A number of people from non-English speaking environment regularly struggle with their spoken English. One reason therefore is obviously the lack of opportunities and an enabling environment to practice their English.

Somehow, it could also be due to limited vocabulary or poor grammatical structure. Whatever the case, all these factors affect ones confidence in self-expression.

Worry no more! We at Lusaka Language School of Zambia now have conversational English classes. As a result, you can come and have the opportunity to practice and build your skills. Before you know it, you’ll grow in confidence tremendously and your productivity will sky-rocket.

Online English Classes in Zambia : Imagine being able to learn English from the comfort of your home or office, or even while out if the field. Isn’t this wonderful?

You can now learn English online at Lusaka Language School of Zambia at your own convenience, pace and rhythm. Moreover, this will save you the time you waste commuting to and from school. Additionally, it will  save you some money which you could have used in transportation.

Oh, did I even mention escaping the unbearable traffic jams?

The benefits of learning English online are undebatable. You can join our online english classes in Zambia and see how fast you progress!

Benefits of Academic English

  • #1: English language is the most commonly spoken language by academics worldwide. Moreover, vast majority of research work tends to be conducted, composed and published in the English language.
  • #2: The mastery of English language therefore will enhance the sharing of ideas and findings among peers globally.
  • #3: Your career prospects and employment opportunities will increase greatly. Fluent English workers are highly sought after by companies and multinationals, thanks to globalization. So, why not learn English?
  • #4:  English language tends to be the lingua franca of international trade. So by having a strong command of English, you will be able to conduct your business communication effectively.

English Courses in Zambia

Study Options for English Classes in Zambia

There are several study options tailored to your needs and convenience. Some students want to finish one level in a matter of days or weeks. Still, others are comfortable with a slow paced program. So this entirely depends on you.

For example, you can take Immersion program, which will take 5 weeks to complete level A1 and another 5 weeks to complete Level A2. Therefore this is ideal if you want to settle in a new language and environment soonest.

If you are busy at work, you can take a less intense program like the extensive or standard option. However, it will take a little longer to complete one level.

Study Options & Course Duration

Hours/ Month
Semi Intensive
Super Intensive

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