Russian Translation

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning 11 time zones! With a population of almost 150 million people. They speak mostly Russian language. The country’s capital and largest city is Moscow. 

While Russia is not the most typical study abroad destination, it offers incredible opportunities for study. One of the best reasons to study in Russia is that the country has one of the best mass-education systems in the world. It’s a country where the “Made in Russia” education is a seal of quality. To crown it, it’s gota very high literacy rate of 98%, surpassing most of other Western European countries.

Lusaka Language School translates different documents from Russian to English such as academic certificates and transcripts, degree certificates, financial documents. Others are personal documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates, family books and etc.

Our Russian translations are certified and are acceptable by the Russian, local authorities and abroad.

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